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Shirley is one of our business co-founder. She opened Yang Ming I at 341 S Broadway, Salem, NH 03079 since 2008. Even though she is not working in Yang Ming II all the time, but she often come over to say HELLO to her loyal customers. Don't be shy to say HI to this beautiful lovely lady when you see her! Her dream is to see happy smile on people's faces after a delicious meal.

Bin is the CEO of the restaurant. He has over 20 years restaurant experience and knows a lot about professional customer service. He always do his best to satisfy every customer. His dream is to open Yang Ming III so more people can taste the good food.

Eddie is our professional restaurant manager. He has over 20 years of professional customer service experiences. He knows exactly what his customers want and he always try to make the right decision to make every customer happy. His dream is a secret!

Felix is our assistant manager and IT technician. He helps us to maintain our website and facebook page so everybody can see our daily updates. He is currently working part time in the restaurant for the weekend. You may see a guy wearing glass with a laptop walking around the restaurant. Right, that is me! My dream is to open my own bakery in the future.

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